About the Unibuss Group


The Unibuss Group consist of Unibuss AS and two subsidiaries named Unibuss Ekspress AS and Unibuss Tur AS.

Unibuss AS is a considerable provider in the Norwegian market for public transportation services, and holds the leading position in the Greater Oslo Region. The company also has significant operations in Vestfold and Oppland counties.

With its almost 2 000 employees, The Unibuss Group is the largest subsidiary of Sporveien AS, Oslo's municipal transport company.


Unibuss has 750 buses in daily traffic.


Every year, The Unibuss Group transport 98 million people distributed on our 204 bus routes. Our vision is to give our passengers a happy and safe travel experience.

Over several years, the company has been Norway's leading bus company within environmentally friendly transport. By 2017, the company launched its first two electric buses. In 2019 additional 40 electric buses will be put into traffic. By then Unibuss will have the largest fleet of electrical buses in The Nordics.

The company also runs five hydrogen buses, as the only bus company in Norway. The rest of the company’s bus fleet consist of biogas, biodiesel and hybrid buses in addition to ordinary diesel buses.



Unibuss Ekspress offers three airport express services and a low cost express coach service. Please visit the web pages below for further information and reservation

Unibuss Tur


Unibuss Tur has a high end position in the market for bus chartering, by organisations, travel agencies, etc. They offer the largest selection of minibuses, charter buses and route buses in Norway.

The company mainly operates in the eastern part of Norway with headquarters in Oslo, Lillehammer and Tønsberg.

Please visit www.unibusstur.no for further information and booking.



Telephone: +47 22 08 43 00

E-mail: post@unibuss.no

Postal address: Unibuss AS, Schweigaards gate 16, 0191 Oslo